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Sunday, May 06, 2007

new 7 for the 7

Music of The Sky

Time Separates Us



Life and Death

Alone You Breath

Stolen Moments



Blogger monBYH said...

i love 6th one..
light ..deep..
dark ..and clear..

5/06/2007 07:18:00 pm  
Blogger Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

karim, its a WOW
closed and stolen moments are my favorite

5/06/2007 07:26:00 pm  
Anonymous shaimaa said...

عبقريه قوي صوره
بس انا تنحت اكتر مع صوره
Alone you breath
مش عارفه ابطل فرجه عليها
علي راي محمود عزت الصوره دي عملت خرم جوا قلبي

5/07/2007 12:37:00 am  
Blogger Merayat said...

eh dah ya karim ?
7elwin keda lih sowarak
3ashan maheya fi paris ya3ni ?
bas akid ur shots bardo are different
and deep &so wonderfullll

5/07/2007 01:50:00 am  
Blogger santakarim said...

actualy the first and the third r the only photos from paris, the other from a small town called "laval"

5/07/2007 01:53:00 am  
Blogger big big girl...in a big big world said...

time separates us
بجد تحفه
الغريب جدا ان انت لو مكنتش عملتلها title دى كان ممكن مشفهاش كده
بس بجد جااامده جدااا
و closed
بسيطه جدااا
بس بتلمس حاجه جوا اوى

5/07/2007 11:20:00 am  
Blogger Eve said...

awesome pictures!

5/07/2007 11:30:00 am  
Anonymous hope said...

This set of pictures is absolutely brilliant, and the captions too. I loved them all. Thanks for sharing.

5/09/2007 08:24:00 pm  
Blogger miro said...

life and death is wonderfull ad eih el7iah w el moot so closed i like it so much (this is my first visit)

12/27/2007 10:41:00 pm  
Blogger santakarim said...

welcome miro :-) glad u liked it

12/27/2007 11:37:00 pm  

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